Miss Fioue - international & professional wedding photographer based on Geneva, Switzerland | Free travel costs for scandinavian wedding
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Free travel costs for scandinavian wedding

Miss Fioue travels to you for free!

If you are a lucky futur bride or groom from Scandinavia you can have Miss Fioue too!


Are you getting married in a scandinavian region in 2015?
What about having Miss Fioue at your side, without any travel costs?
The rules are simple:
1. You have to get married in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Danmark or Iceland this year.
2. You have to choose a Catimini package at least.
3. You have to send me a summary of your cute wedding day to shooting@missfioue.ch
4. Et voilà! If I’m available, I will travel to you for free.

Hurry! There are just a few availabilities!